The use of digital tools means we can combine virtual reality and reality to introduce several advantages:

  • Advanced remote assistance capabilities
  • Rapid diagnosis of alarms
  • 3D visual-based training
  • Easy to follow 3D tutorials
  • Possibility to view additional elements next to the analysed object, such as drawings, pictures, videos and schemes
  • Remote demos and visualisation of the product

New platform for complete customer care

  • Operator guidance during activities
  • Operator training
  • Enhanced Remote Assistance through AR
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce time losses
  • Support to operators
  • Reduce risk and error
  • Easy training
  • Accelerate complex instructions
  • Visuaize IoT data
  • Enrich user experience

3D-Assisted Training (virtual experiences)

  • Visual learning for complex processes
  • Quickly transfer the expertise to new employees
  • Train anywhere, anytime

AR Work Instructions

  • Real time, in-context step by step visual guidance
  • Reduce the possibility of human error
  • Reduce the time required to perform a given task, providing the correct information at the right time

AR Inspection

  • Real time, in-context step by step visual guidance
  • Enforced step by step procedure in order to reduce human error
  • Instant data recording for compliance and traceability

AR Assistance

  • Interactive visual guidance from experts
  • Reduce on-site service calls
  • Reduce the mean time to repair

The new generation compact tray sealer with an innovative platform for complete customer care.
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