G. Mondini S.p.a. is a world-leading manufacturer of complete lines for dosing and packaging food products. From the most complex and complete line for the production and packaging of "case & ready" to the single sealing machine in simple or modified atmosphere, G. Mondini's offering is unrivalled in terms of quality and reliability.

2022 was a special year for the company as it celebrated 50 years since its founding; 50 years of success and innovation that have made G. Mondini a leader in the food packaging sector, celebrating today more than 16,000 systems distributed worldwide.

Continuous research and development, in collaboration with the largest food packaging material companies, have made it possible to create multiple packaging technologies, in a variety of applications, but all with a single platform, thus defining the concept of Trave Platform Technology.

The Trave® TraySealer - the flagship product in the range designed by G. Mondini, is capable of producing unique types of packaging. G. Mondini's success is the result of commitment and hard work, dedication and continuous technological research, full collaboration and total synergy with all their customers.

We pride ourselves on being good listeners, what we learn shapes our innovation pipeline, to provide the best and most appropriate solutions. — Giovanni Mondini, G. Mondini's founder

Thanks to this approach, coupled with a desire to revolutionise the market by integrating respect for the Planet into production processes, G. Mondini has designed a wide range of solutions that reduce environmental impact.

The aim has always been to perfect tray sealing whilst considerably reducing the waste of packaging material, but also to propose high-performance alternatives to traditional trays, reducing the ratio of plastic per kg of product.

The competitiveness of the industrial sector leads companies to invest more and more in constant evolution - to increase reliability, improve performance and output quality and have continuous monitoring of production.

The ideal machine is invariably efficient and reliable, maintaining high standards in terms of speed, without generating downtime or product quality defects. Today, most packaging machines do not achieve these ideal conditions.

When one speaks of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) one immediately thinks of production speed, but this is not the case: there are 3 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on which G. Mondini has worked in recent years to make its Tray Sealers more efficient:

  1. The reliability of the machines, which determines constant production and reduces maintenance interventions;
  2. The high quality of each individual pack, which maintains the high standard of the packaged product MAP, SKIN, FRESH, etc.;
  3. Performance always at its peak, for uninterrupted and fast production.
Trave® defines who we are, It is a future-oriented driver of value. It combines the latest technological innovations with refined engineering for accurate control of product safety and production parameters of the packaging system. — Paolo Mondini, Engineer.

G. Mondini's goal is to make machines capable of delivering maximum efficiency for any production plant, and all of the experience gained in half a century of activity has been honed to make Trave® the jewel of excellence amongst food packaging machines.

Its unparalleled attention to detail, its intelligent design, its robust engineering and its controlled performance make Trave® a benchmark for the market.

With the 8 models in the range, the widest range of capacity requirements can be covered, from 10 packs per minute, up to high-speed lines exceeding 220 ppm.

Science, technology and innovation applied to packaging are at the heart of the food industry. Retailer and consumer demands are constantly evolving and changing, challenging suppliers to meet these new demands effectively and in a timely manner, with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

This is why flexibility is key to the success of Trave®, which allows the production of multiple packaging formats on a single machine, without compromising the performance or safety of the final pack, moving quickly from HEAT SEALING to MAP to SKIN. Flexibility in packaging technology, but also in material: Trave® delivers optimum performance with any type of raw material, whether plastic or aluminium-based packaging, steel cans, cardboard, renewable or recycled materials.

G. Mondini was among the first companies to invest in improving environmental impact, providing solutions that combat material waste and pollution.
Innovating, today, means promoting sustainability and producing responsibly, paying the utmost attention to environmental impact whilst guaranteeing better product quality, safety and integrity.

In 2019, G. Mondini launched PaperSeal®. This revolutionary packaging line designed in partnership with Graphic Packaging, made from pre-cut, formed cardboard and laminated with a barrier liner, was immediately met with public acclaim and met with considerable success. The PaperSeal® technology has been universally recognised as an innovative, high-performance and well-designed solution, earning several prestigious awards; to name a few: the European Carton Excellence Awards 2021, the Liderpack Awards 2021: Best Food Packaging, the Ameristar Award 2020 and the PPV Awards 2020 as Excellence in Sustainability.

In recent years, G. Mondini has focused its efforts on creating solutions that can effectively and sustainably replace plastic packs with film-coated cardboard trays, guaranteeing the same performance as traditional packaging. PaperSeal® complements the previously developed eco-friendly solutions SliceFresh® and Slimfresh®, which allow meat to be packaged on a flat paper tray.

Furthermore, in response to customer demands to improve the sustainability of their packaging lines, G. Mondini developed The Platformer®, the intelligent machine that allows trays to be produced from film reels, directly at the customer's plant.
The Platformer® system produces quality trays that offer substantial improvements, compared to HFFS thermoforming, by producing the trays using G.Mondini's patented technology, which can significantly reduce waste to below the 2% threshold.

In 2020, Downgauge technology was developed, which integrates seamlessly with Platformer®, enabling the production of plastic trays with up to 50% reduction in thickness, tray weight and the ratio of plastic per kg of packaged product. This was a winner, its unique features ensure a reduction in the carbon footprint of packaging, energy and water consumption during production, but also a reduction in the physical footprint, and consequent emissions for its transport.

Reducing costs during production without compromising on design or efficiency.
Furthermore, by combining the Trave® Tray Sealer and Platformer®, the packaging line will become what could be called a ThermoSealer, giving the best of both solutions in terms of flexibility: the customer will in fact be free to switch from in-line thermoformed trays starting from a reel, to pre-formed trays at any time during production, according to the needs of their business, whilst also saving on raw materials.

Sustainability is therefore one of G. Mondini's workhorses, and the innovations do not stop there:
Darfresh on Tray®, designed in collaboration with Sealed Air Corporation, is a packaging technology that, thanks to its patented suction system, guarantees very high standards in terms of safety, considerably increasing the shelf life of the packaged product, maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the meat - taste, smell, colour remain unaltered thanks to the innovation of the container and the film-barrier used, thus allowing savings in production in terms of labour, film consumption and elimination of air in the package with zero compromise to product.

Thanks to an innovative film cutting concept, Darfresh on Tray® saves up to 40% in material compared to trays packed with standard systems. A considerable saving delivery in terms of raw materials, but also in economic terms, which has earned G. Mondini S.p.A. the prestigious WorldStars award for innovation.
Another sustainable packaging solution is ZERO® technology, with modified atmosphere, also used for PaperSeal® packaging: this new system eliminates all process waste, ensuring integrity and quality of product whilst reducing distribution and storage costs.

G. Mondini therefore completed its 50th year of business with an immense amount of pride, knowing that the future still promises to be full of new and exciting challenges, for which customers know they can count on the enthusiasm and competence of a great company that places customer satisfaction at the heart of its philosophy. Another of G. Mondini's strengths is evident in their customer relationships - providing full cooperation and assistance at all times. This applies both to the research and development phase and to after-sales assistance, which is guaranteed in every corner of the world by highly qualified G. Mondini staff.

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