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    Trave + Platformer


    G.Mondini Platformer®
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    G.Mondini - Slimfresh®
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    Darfresh® on Tray

    A breakthrough in vacuum skin packaging

    Darfresh® on Tray

We warmly welcome you to our business represented here on this website. Our intention is to convey information on our products, services and innovations that may help you in developing your business. It is important that you take away several messages on our commitment in meeting your needs with real proven solutions, our commitment to stand behind our products and finally develop a long lasting partnership with each and every customer. Please take time to browse and I urge you to get in contact to find out how we can work together to build long lasting success.

Famiglia Mondini

G.Mondini Factory 1 & 2


Sales Depatment Area


Antea (specialized mechanical workshop)


Administration Office

Trave Tray Sealers

View the complete range of TRAVE Tray Sealers

40 years of experience in Tray Sealing Systems to share

Customer Centre

Our new customer centre is under construction and will be opening soon.

The heart of the TRAVE Tray Sealer System


View how we create and deliver complete integrated systems

Innovation Area

Come inside to view some of the new ideas and concepts being developed here at G Mondini.


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News & Events

INTERPACK Pocesses & Packaging 2017 Dusseldorf

European Seafood Brussels 2017


G.Mondini at MAREL Meat Showhow

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The Company

Administration Office
Antea(specialized mechanical works)
Sales Depatment Area
G.Mondini Factory 1 & 2
Connection from G.M 1 to G.M 2
G.Mondini 2 (purchase department)